Your box

Our boxes are made from double corrugated cardboard which holds up to 10 trays per box, with your selected items. The box is built around the trays with each box stacked two trays across and five trays high, with a cardboard spacer on top of each tray to avoid any damage to packaging.

Always Fresh

We package your meat in oven, microwave and freezer friendly trays. The fog proof film lid seals in the freshness. Simply put your meat in the fridge or freezer.

Keeping it cool

We understand that a busy schedule means you’re not always at home to receive deliveries. When fresh meat is involved this can lead to problems, but not for us. We provide the option of a temperature controlled box. For an extra £4.99 we will line your box with foil insulation and add ice packs to keep your meat at optimum and safe temperature for up to 12 hours when stored in a cool room.

Meat your box

48 hours after your order is placed, your meat will arrive. Simply store in the fridge or freezer until you’re ready to enjoy.

Get Started

We recycle

We try to minimize our effect on the environment. All of our packaging is 100% recyclable. After a repeat order we will collect all packaging from you and recycle appropriately.

Featured Products

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Lamb Cutlets
Lamb Cutlets £15 for 7 x 70g cutlets
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Corn Fed Chicken Supremes
Corn Fed Chicken Supremes £10 for 4 x 170g supremes
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Fillet Steak Tornados
Fillet Steak Tornados £19 for 2 x 200g steaks