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To start, click on ‘Create Your Box’ this will take you to our product list. Once here you can begin to look through our featured items. We sell our meat by the tray, the amount of items per tray varies between products. Our prices are per tray and not per product. We have a minimum order of £40. If you require any products not shown on the website, please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to facilitate your request.

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After creating your box we will try to deliver it to you after two working days. We need this time to collect, cut and package your specific order. We look to be as flexible as we can for our customer’s satisfaction so please feel free to contact us with any queries.

We Deliver

We prepare and package your meat in our chilled workspace. We use refrigerated vans for deliveries to ensure your meat is always kept at a suitable chilled temperature. This ensures that you receive the best quality product to your front door. If however, your front door is not the most convenient place to receive your meat, we can include insulating foil and cool packs to your box which will keep your box at optimum temperature for up to twelve hours when stored in a cool room. Please select this option at checkout.

You enjoy

When your box arrives it is now time to for you to enjoy your products. Depending on how much you have ordered we would suggest putting the meat you intend to eat over the next few days in the fridge and freezing whatever you plan to eat thereafter. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality meat every time. Your satisfaction is our main priority. Thank you for choosing Meatbox.

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Featured Products

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Lamb Cutlets
Lamb Cutlets £15 for 7 x 70g cutlets
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Corn Fed Chicken Supremes
Corn Fed Chicken Supremes £10 for 4 x 170g supremes
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Fillet Steak Tornados
Fillet Steak Tornados £19 for 2 x 200g steaks